Are you a company?

Entrust your requirements to our system of personnel selection, based on our partners’ twenty years of experience in the field of Human Resources, built up in leading Italian and international corporate organisations. Contact us and tell us your company’s requirements: we have devised a truly effective recruitment method for businesses, able to give the right importance to candidate skills in a short timeframe, creating huge savings in resources and effort for your company.


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The method

Standing by, to help you go far

If you are looking for a partner that can listen, Arethusa is for you. Timely and efficient in our response, we are able to create a working relationship with our clients based on a genuine understanding of their corporate requirements. All with the purpose of activating research processes that are in line with their business philosophy, and aimed at identifying candidates that genuinely fit corporate expectations and that are valuable in the relevant field.

Our values

Our contractual approach is to effectively adopt core values that regulate our way of working. No empty words, just concrete facts.

  • We do not work on a success-fee basis: every assignment requires the correct timeframe and a market analysis aimed at identifying the best available candidates.
  • We only accept projects on an exclusive basis.
  • We always include a guarantee clause: if within the trial period the candidate resigns their position or is not confirmed by the client, we are committed to carrying out a new search and providing a new short-list of candidates.
  • No information regarding candidates or clients is divulged without prior authorisation.
  • During the course of the search the client and candidates are kept up to date with its progress.
  • The assignment is considered concluded once recruitment and placement of the candidate has been confirmed and formalised.